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Advertising Rates and Specifications

Mastergraphx is proud to serve as the advertising agent for the Journal of New Jersey Dental Association.

To place a classified ad: click here to fill out the classified ad reservation form. Follow the instructions to complete and send the form.

To place a display ad: click here. Follow the instructions to complete and send the form.

Feel free to contact Bob Copeland at Mastergraphx with any questions at and use our Upload File to send art after reading the Instructions for File Preparation.

A letter from JNJDA Managing Editor, Lorraine Sedor:

There is no better advertising venue to connect with New Jersey's dentists. The Journal of NJDA reaches a professional audience of more than 4,600 quarterly. Practicing dentists, dental residents, students and retired dentists all look to JNJDA for content and advertising that inform and address their professional and personal needs throughout their careers. 

The New Jersey Dental Association, since 1870, has been the facilitator of dialogues among the dental community. NJDA keeps its members current on the profession's most important issues as well as what their peers locally and nationally are thinking and learning.

We invite you to join this dialogue as an advertiser in our award-winning publication, as we continue to provide the most targeted and effective media tool in New Jersey for reaching dentists.

JNJDA is suited to all types of advertisers. Businesses offering anything from dental to golf equipment and office space to vacation destinations find advertising in the Journal a good investment. 

Talk to Bob Copeland at Mastergraphx about how you can promote the types of products and services our professionals want, conveniently and affordably. He’ll present you with a variety of ad sizes and types that give you the flexibility to match market opportunities to your advertising budget.

Thank you for considering the Journal as your advertising partner.

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