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Mastergraphx makes it easier than ever to send your file(s) for print.

Terms: By transferring files to Mastergraphx for production, it's understood that I have read the instructions for file preparation below. I understand if the files I’m submitting do not meet those specifications I may incur additional charges and that any necessary changes to submitted files may delay delivery of the final product.

Transfer a file (or combination of files) up to 2 GB by clicking the Send Files button below.

A new page will open in your browser. Attach your file(s) and include any necessary instructions in the Message text field -- then click Transfer.

You will receive a confirmation email that the files were successfully uploaded, and an additional email confirming that Mastergraphx has downloaded your file(s) for print.

Thank you for choosing Mastergraphx for your printing needs.

Click here to read the instructions for file preparation

At Mastergraphx, we take pride in our work. A pride which is reflected in our investment in new technology including current graphic software and organized management of a job from start to finish. We hope that you feel the same so we ask that when you are supplying us with files, and to ensure you receive the best final product, that you follow our specification requests.

Our production department operates on Macintosh OS, but can usually accept files generated on PCs as well. "Press Ready" or "High Quality" PDFs are our preferred format. With this method of saving, the images and fonts can be automatically embedded. Other acceptable file formats include: Adobe Illustrator AI and EPS; Photoshop TIFF, PSD and JPEG; InDesign INDD; QuarkXPress QXD and Microsoft Publisher PUB, Word DOC and Excel XCEL and most graphic formats. Our graphics department can help answer any questions you may have about any file types not covered. Since software is updated so often we ask that if you are using software older than five years, that you consider Mastergraphx to create your file to ensure the best final product.

Bleeds: If your file has images or color blocks that come to the edge of the document, we need at least .125" bleed of the image/color block to go beyond the page layout on all sides the graphic is used. Image Resolution: The resolution of all images, placed or otherwise, needs to be at least 300 dpi. Web images (which are 72 dpi) should not be submitted because they will print pixelated, or "fuzzy."

Fonts: Fonts are not necessarily universal. When they are not included or saved properly, they can "drop out." When saving as a PDF file, it is important to make sure all fonts are embedded. For images made in Illustrator, it is preferred that outlines are created on all fonts. If these rules are not adhered to, you may incur additional charges to correct the issue or replace the font.

Color: All submitted electronic files should be constructed of Pantone Spot Colors, CMYK make-up colors or a combination of the two. Please make sure color descriptions match what is in your files. For example, a 2 color job should only consist of 2 Pantone Spot Colors or 1 Pantone Spot Color and Black, while a four color job could consist of unlimited CMYK make-up colors or 4 Pantone Spot Colors. RGB is not an acceptable color format for printing production so please do not supply files in RGB colorspace. You may incur additional charges to correct colorspace which will, in turn, result in a different color outcome than you had originally anticipated.

Review your files to make sure they meet the criteria below. Check boxes to indicate your file complies with the following requirements:

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